Little Bistro Weddings

Can’t wait any longer to sign, seal and celebrate? Little Bistro takes the bouquet when it comes to last minute, one-of-a-kind weddings. But don’t hesitate, this pop-up in the heart of Sydney is only making a brief (but memorable) appearance.

Let us make your dream
wedding a reality.

Amidst the sea of congratulations and well wishes, you can take a breath in the welcoming and refined atmosphere of Little Bistro. Helmed by renowned British chef Alastair Little, this pop-up restaurant in Hotel CBD combines Little’s extensive experience with his purity of vision. A short, seasonal menu brings to life more than forty years in the business and is characterised by the simplicity that is synonymous with Little’s legendary career. This is your opportunity to have Little create the perfect menu for your day to enjoy in an intimate setting with family and friends, seating up to 80 guests. Sleek, simple, elegant and filled with natural light, Little Bistro is ideal for those who want to celebrate their day their own way.


Little Bistro Services & Facilities

  • In-house visual styling and florist, Wi-Fi
  • Versatile and adaptable restaurant space
  • Several bars within Hotel CBD for pre or post-event drinks and dining
  • A range of food options available
  • Located in the centre of Sydney’s CBD
  • Style
  • Banquet

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