Unbottle Your Dreams

With your own $10k bespoke experience

How does the initiative work?

As a Merivale employee, you continually strive to go above and beyond which won’t go unnoticed by your manager. Venue managers will nominate deserving staff members who are excelling in their role.
At the end of each month, successful nominees will be notified by their manager and receive details on how to claim their prize of a $100 Merivale gift card and case of Hahn Super Dry.
Staff Members of the Month will receive details of the beer-storm session and directions on how to submit their response for a chance at their own $10,000 bespoke experience.
Each quarter, a group-wide announcement will be shared revealing the recipient and details of their experience.

What is the beer-storm session?

Each quarter, Staff Member of the Month recipients are invited to have a chat with some industry leaders over a Hahn Super Dry. This session provides a great opportunity for recipients to learn from the experience of successful leaders, as well as share their own ambitions. It is a setting designed for connecting like-minded people and a stepping-stone for achieving their own career goals.

What is the $10,000 bespoke experience?

This experience is tailored to suit the career ambitions of each recipient. You will gain valuable knowledge and learn all the skills required to guide you in the direction of your career goals.

For further information on this initiative please speak to your manager or the People Experience team.

Meet the Winners