In memoriam: Mr John

The Hemmes family invites you to celebrate the life of Mr John.


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I worked at JAM’s Collins Street store when it first opened in 1972. What an incredible experience to be surrounded by such ambiance & genius. Thank You Mr John & Merivale for your wonderful inspiration.

Mr John, the man who in the 70’s implemented concepts of ‘branding’ well before branding became the marketing term of the 80’s – 90’s and for bringing out the best potential in people. I Salute with treasured memories.

My deepest condolences to Merivale, Bettina, Justin & families.

Anne Chan

I was thinking today how nervous I got when you came in to one of the restaurants that I was waitressing in. This was not because you were scary or mean but because I thought so highly of you and really wanted to impress you. You always noticed when we were trying our best and you were generous with your compliments. So, thank you for being such an aspirational and kind man and thank you for always treating me and the other staff like we were your friends. Your support and encouragement made me want to be a better person.

I feel lucky to have had you in my life and I know you made quite an impact on me.

With fond and loving memories,

Melissa Buchanan

So sad to here such an icon has passed. I remember when I came to Mr John’s & Merivale’s home in the Eastern Suburbs in the late 80’s to ask them if I could bring clients into their store in Pitt St Sydney to dress them after hours. My business name then was “Dress for Success”. They both very kindly listen to my ideas & said yes. Both Merivale & Mr John saw this as a win win scenario & an opportunity for both our businesses!! I did this with them for about 18 months & will never forget their encouragement & willingness to help me out to establish my new business.

Thank you so much you were both such a joy to meet!! My deepest condolences to Merivale & all the family!!

Virginia Bowen-Porteous