A Party Planner’s Guide To Throwing A Banger

Posted in 8 Feb 2019

From the dinner party shrouded in silence, to the five-attendee spectacular – no one wants to throw a dud do. Our event manager, Emily Bollom, shares four tips to ensure your next bash is a smash.

Don’t expect people to party on an empty stomach

The days of opening a packet of chips and a jar of salsa and hoping it does the trick are long behind us. “One of the biggest mistakes people make is putting all the money on the bar tab, and none on food,” Emily says. “Inevitably people will get hungry and they’ll leave to go and eat – and often not come back.” Oh, the horror! Emily suggests a staggered approach to food, with smaller nibbles or a grazing table to start, followed by something more substantial a few hours later. “We’re doing a lot of late-night mini cheeseburgers, toasted sandwiches and mixed tacos – tasty, handheld stuff. We like to call them tummy soakers.” Her personal pick? “Mexican’s always a winner. It’s fresh, fun and filling – the perfect party food.” Sounds damn good to us. After all, who ever said no to late-night, cheesy carbs? Check out El Loco at Slip Inn’s event package here, and start planning your next fiesta.

Resist the urge to invite every single person you know

While this may seem like the foolproof way of guaranteeing a good turn-out, inviting your entire Facebook list can often lead to a worse fate…awkwardness. Our suggestion? Think about the type of party you want to have and curate your guest list mindfully, considering different personality types. This is especially important when it comes to dinner parties. Mark from F45 might be a real hoot at 7am, but if you’ve never seen him outside the gym, don’t plonk him next to your introverted cousin Carol. When hosting sit-down events, always seat guests with at least one person they know. Nobody wants to be separated from their friends, especially at parties…and the better the banter flows, the better your party goes.

Try to stress a wee bit less

There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to throwing a party. Not to mention that your hair is doing that thing you hate and you stubbed your toe getting out of the shower and what if nobody likes your signature cocktail?! It’s easy to get lost in the details and forget the reason you decided to throw a party in the first place (for fun, silly!)  “All our venues come with event planners, whose sole job is to make your experience as stress-free as possible,” says Emily, “We’ve done this millions of times before!” Another word of advice? Go easy on the ‘ole signature cocktails (as delicious as they may be). While it may be tempting to calm your nerves with Dutch courage, this generally isn’t ever the best move. Make it an unforgettable night…that you’ll actually remember.

Nail those tunes

“Nothing sets the vibe like music” says Emily. Whether the tunes are too loud, too niche, or simply non- existent, there’s nothing worse than musically-challenged soiree. “Never underestimate the energy a good DJ can bring to a room”, says Emily. This is especially important if you’ve chosen a venue with a kick-ass dancefloor. Our fave spots to boogie? Upstairs Beresford, ivy penthouse, or Tank Stream Bar.  Check them out, along with other winners, here. Planning something a little less party-party? “We’ve got a whole library of incredible playlists to suit absolutely any style of party. They’re curated by DJ Jo Redd, who’s a proper musical genius. She never gets it wrong.” Well, that’s certainly music to our ears. Of course, you can always BYO tunes. It’s your party – you can do whatever you want to. Except cry. That’s so 1963.

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