Can Work Really Be One Big Party?

Posted in 16 Nov 2018

What happens when we round up a bunch of our staff and ask them what it’s like working over summer? The word party pops up a lot.

Take Mitch Steed, bar supervisor at Vic on the Park, who says summer is “a continuous party”. Or Ms. G’s restaurant supervisor Jules Neurath Eylis who says if you come and work at Merivale “the worst thing that can happen is that you have a lot of fun”.

For Sam Patch, senior sous chef at Queen Chow Manly, it’s the people at Merivale that makes work feel like more than a job: “I love the family culture. I walk into another Merivale restaurant and I feel as much at home as I do in my own.”

It’s all about summer cocktails and day parties for Kim De Leon, bar team leader, ivy. “Summer is one big party that you get to be a part of and there is so much opportunity for all sorts of roles.”

And for Jonathan Crofts, assistant operations manager at The Newport – who came out from London and took a summer job a few years ago, then worked his way up – a summer job at Merivale is simply “life changing”.