Merivale Tickets FAQ's


I’m having problems with my login
Check if you are using the right email address.
As Merivale tickets is powered by Moshtix, you can use your Moshtix login
Otherwise contact us and we’ll assist you. Email:

How do I create an account?
Once you select your tickets, on the next login screen click on the “Sign Up” button/

Can I cancel my account after the purchase?
Yes you can but we recommend you keep it active so you can purchase tickets in the future without setting up an account again.



Do I need to register an account to buy a ticket?
Yes, registering an account with email and contact details is the only way to purchase a ticket.

Can I correct personal or billing information on my order?
Yes. Once you are logged in you can edit all your details.

What is a booking fee and why do I have to pay for it?
The booking fee is what you pay to use this ticketing service. By partnering with Moshtix for the ticketing system with Merivale, we have been able to keep bookings fee lower than many other online ticketing services.

What is a credit card fee and why do I have to pay for it?
The processing fee charged to customers 2.25%. The processing fee component of the booking fee includes (but is not limited to) credit card, debit card and PayPal fees and expenses, administration and associated infrastructure costs. The booking fee a customer will pay is calculated and displayed with the advertised ticket price online, and there are no additional transaction or credit card fees added to their order other than the stated booking fee. We do not make any profit from this surcharge as it is entirely third party charges.

Can I make a ticket reservation?
Sorry, we don’t reserve tickets so we can be fair and offer tickets to all customers on a ‘first in first dress’basis.

Are there discounts for groups?
Ticket prices are as advertised unless specified. From time to time, there might be a group booking discount but instructions on how to take advtanage of such offer will be stated at ticket purchase stage.

Can I re-sell tickets I have bought?
Merivale Tickets and Moshtix does NOT support the resale of tickets. Potential buyers and sellers do so at their own risk that the ticket is a fraudulently duplicated and will not scan positively at the door.

I’m not sure about putting my credit card details on the internet. What type of security does Merivale Tickets provide?
Moshtix uses SSL encryption protocol to guarantee secure transactions and complete confidentiality. Your credit card details and all the information you enter on the various forms is automatically encrypted when your data is transferred over the network.

I don’t have a credit card. Can I pay by direct deposit?
At this stage, we only support online credit card purchase. We are lokonig at other payment options next year.

I bought 4 tickets but 2 of them are for a friend. Can you email me them separately?
Yes, once you purchase multile tickets, you will recieve multiple pdf’s of the ticket so you can send to your friends.

My computer doesn’t open PDF files.
Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I haven’t received an email confirmation. What do I do?
Sometimes emails are not received by customers due to spam filtering from their ISP’s. Once you have purchased a ticket, you can log back into your account at any stage to re-print your tickets

My ticket was stolen
Just contact us and we can delete the previous ticket and reissue another one for you. Email:

When will I receive my hard copy ticket?
We don’t mail hard copy tickets. You need to print them off by logging back into your account at any stage and print your purchased tickets.

I don’t have a printer.
You can email or even save your ticket to print somewhere else. You can also save the ticket on your phone and present it to us at the venue. Don’t forget to take a photo ID with you

I don’t want to/can’t attend the event anymore. Can I get a refund?
According to our Terms and Conditions there is no refund policy should they not be able to attend the event for whatever reason.

Can I give my ticket to a friend without warning?
We won’t ask for ID. If your friend trusts the fact that you’re giving to him/her the only copy of the ticket that’s fine as once the ticket is scanned at the door, it can’t be scanned again. Your ticket will scan ‘green’ on its first submission and ‘red’ on subsequent submissions.



For any further information please contact or call Moshtix on 1300 GET TIX (1300 438 849)
Yes, registering an account with email and contact details is the only way to purchase a ticket.